Jumanji 2 (2025) – Teaser Trailer | Robin Williams, Kirsten Dunst

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Robin Williams returns in Jumanji sequel, starring Kirsten Dunst!

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🌴 Jumanji 2

The beloved 1995 classic "Jumanji" is getting a direct sequel titled "Jumanji 2" This film marks a groundbreaking moment in cinema as it stars Kirsten Dunst reprising her role as Judy Shepherd, and through the marvels of advanced CGI and AI technology, the late Robin Williams is brought back to life to play Alan Parrish once more.

"Jumanji 2" follows Judy Shepherd as an adult, now a successful archaeologist who is once again drawn into the magical and dangerous world of the Jumanji game. When an ancient artifact linked to the game is discovered, Judy finds herself transported back to Jumanji. There, she encounters a familiar face – Alan Parrish. With cutting-edge CGI and AI, the film resurrects Robin Williams’ iconic character, creating a seamless and respectful representation that honors his legacy.

The process of bringing Williams back to the screen was an emotional journey for both the production team and his family. The filmmakers worked closely with Williams’ family to ensure that his portrayal was handled with the utmost respect and care. They used extensive footage and voice samples from Williams’ illustrious career to recreate his character in a way that feels authentic and true to his spirit.

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