Emma Watson pulls off her mask to reveal Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara Reacts to Bizarre Transformation Video

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Following the release of a viral video showing Emma Watson transform into Sofia Vergara, ET sat down with the 41-year-old Colombian actress to get her thoughts on the video.

Modern Family star today to find out why

they did it call it bizarre kind of

disturbing and a little freakish Emma

appeals away a latex mask and bust to

reveal the curvy Sofia just can’t help

but wonder what’s going on here what did

you think of that hey know what that is

it’s scarier it’s nice to feel young and

fresh like her for a second while I was

watching so Sofia isn’t behind the

unmasking video but she does feel a bit

flattered they wanted to do this like

animation of big boobs the only one that

they could think of big boobs with me I

mean that’s awful Sophia’s next

transformation into a bride and we’re

here to help with the wedding dress oh

vatika wear that look like if it was

like Vera won or something it sure is

but how about Reem Acra no that’s too

much material here formula make me

really think finally Monique Lhullier

can you send me this one consider it in

the mail now in her new movie Sofia

stars with Sharon Stone who hires John

Turturro to be her sex teacher in fading

gigolo Sharon only wanted to talk to eat

about her character’s lust she even

wants a threesome and she thinks she’s

gonna get him to have a menage a trois

and then she thinks what if I don’t know

how to do that it was hard for me

because you know it’s like it was my

first time doing a threesome and to

start your your threesome with Sharon

Stone course is intimidating maybe I

should try him hmm

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