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John Constantine will return in a sequel to the 2005 movie!

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✝️ Constantine 2

It has been revealed that the long-awaited sequel to the cult classic "Constantine" is officially in the works. Titled "Constantine 2" the film promises to reignite the flames of the supernatural thriller genre with its devilish blend of action, mystery, and occult intrigue.

Fans of the original film will be delighted to learn that Keanu Reeves will once again don the iconic trench coat and cigarette as the enigmatic demon hunter, John Constantine. Joining Reeves is Rachel Weisz, reprising her role as Angela Dodson, Constantine’s reluctant ally in the battle against demonic forces.

"Constantine 2" will see John Constantine facing his greatest challenge yet as he confronts a new threat from the depths of Hell itself. With ancient evils stirring and dark forces gathering, Constantine must navigate a treacherous underworld of demons, angels, and otherworldly horrors to save humanity from damnation. Produced in collaboration with Warner Bros. Pictures, "Constantine 2" represents a bold new chapter in the studio’s commitment to delivering compelling and boundary-pushing genre cinema.

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