Andrew Rannells, Casey Wilson, and Paul Scheer on Black Monday’s shocking season 3 premiere

Black Monday has never really been about the stock market—ask its creators for insider trader tips and they’ll point you in the other direction. Instead, it’s an ensemble comedy (one of the best on television right now) that delights in re-setting its board game every year and watching its players flail in the chaos as they constantly try to get one over on each other. In season three, that board game is Clue, so says Andrew Rannells whose now-Congressman Blair Pfaff was—spoiler alert—shot by an unseen sniper at the end of Black Monday’s most recent episode. “We have a very serialized murder mystery that takes place throughout the entire season,” Rannells reveals, “and there are more bodies—there’s a high body count throughout.” Blair miraculously survives and, as he hunts down his mystery assailant, everyone’s a suspect: Mo (Don Cheadle), Dawn (Regina Hall), but especially corporate climber Keith, and Blair’s own wife Tiff, played by comedy knockouts Paul Scheer and Casey Wilson, respectively.

Ahead of the new season’s second episode, The A.V. Club spoke with Rannells, Scheer, and Wilson about the premiere’s surprising final moments and survey the possible culprits of this Black Monday whodunnit. Rannells, who has never really filmed a big, bloody stunt like this one, discusses the challenges of “dying” on screen, while Scheer and Wilson compares notes about how to pull it off successfully. And, with Casey Wilson’s new book now on shelves, the group ponders who else might have a book or two in them just waiting to be written.


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